Video Conversion Services

Transfer your old home movies to DVD
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Do you have home movies recorded on old technology? Treasured Memories Video offers video and film conversion services in New Hampshire.

The advantage of technology is that each new product improves upon the last one. The disadvantage of technology is that you have to keep up with it. 

Video Conversion Services

Home movie cameras 40 years ago were big and bulky. The film they produced (8mm or 16mm) was cumbersome to replay and required a lot of physical storage space. Then came VHS recorders. Still big and bulky, but the replay process was improved. After VHS came Super 8, a smaller video camera with a smaller tape that played directly from the video camera. Now we are in the digital age, where the last five years have seen remarkable improvements in both the quality and portability of video.

If you have been shooting home movies and videos for longer than 10 years, you probably have a collection of videotapes and/or film storing those precious memories that can never be re-recorded. If you no longer have working equipment to play them, then they are just taking up shelf space and those memories are gone. What's more, videotape will break down over time. The original footage loses its clarity and you risk the tape getting tangled or broken when trying to play it back.

Video conversions are an affordable way to preserve those memories for future generations. At Treasured Memories Video, we have the equipment for converting 16mm or 8mm film, Super 8 tape, VHS, miniDV tape and other formats to DVD or flash drive. We can also convert audio to CD or flash drive. We can upload those home movies that are sitting in a dusty box in your basement to YouTube for all your friends and family to enjoy.
Although we can't stop technology, I am confident in saying that the level of technology that we have reached today has produced a much more stable and practical storage solution for media. This means that the treasured memories you now have on tape will be preserved and converted to a format you can easily play over and over again. 

Preserve your precious memories today!