Business Videos

Only 10 short years ago, business videos for companies in New Hampshire usually meant filming a commercial for a 30-second spot on WMUR-TV in Manchester. The idea of representing your company in a video has always been a good one, although it is cost-prohibitive for many companies to run a television ad.

Enter the YouTube phenomenon.NH company videos

You might say we are in an "Internet Bubble". The explosion of the Internet as a tool for research, news, and social networking has driven us into a brave new world of marketing. Consumers are in the driver’s seat. They select their news sources. They research products and companies online. They ask their friends about their experiences. All of these scenarios represent an opportunity to reach out through video.

In 2009, YouTube surpassed Yahoo to become the second-largest search engine behind Google, at 3.7 billion searches per month. When you consider that all the searches are looking for videos specifically, you might even say it is the most powerful search tool on the Internet. With powerful search algorithms, easy personalization of user profiles, and links to other social media sites, a business owner would be crazy not to consider getting exposure on the Internet using web videos.

Now businesses can communicate their message beyond the local New Hampshire television broadcasting area and drive traffic to their website all at the same time. Company videos could include how-to's, testimonials, or formal business commercials with music, graphics and photos. In a world that's hungry for information, video is now a fantastic way to serve that up.

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