Web Videos

A basic principle of both Internet Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and traditional marketing is content.

A person searching on YouTube for a video is looking for a specific thing. This presents a great opportunity for you as a business owner to get your product or service out there and share your knowledge with the world. You have two clients here—the person looking for information, and the search engine looking for relevance. In both cases it helps to know what your client is looking for.

When it comes to humans, this is easy. People want to be entertained. They want good sound advice that is useful to them. And they want it fast. How-to demos or insider tips are a great way to offer free information and begin to draw potential customers into your marketing funnel.

The second client is not so easy. Search engines want content, keyword consistency and communication. In order for a video to go viral it needs to be shared on a number of Internet platforms, starting with YouTube. Titles and descriptions should use popular keywords targeted for your audience. Videos, like any other internet content, are considered more valuable by the search engines based upon the number of views and links to it. Creating a buzz of communication around your video helps it to get ranked higher in the search engines.

We can set up the video platforms and upload your web videos to them based on your own internet marketing strategy.