Personal Videos

If you’re a baby-boomer, you probably remember personal videos that might have been on Super 8 film and home movie reels that required a special projector and screen to view them. Home movie night was a big deal. Serving up the popcorn with dad at thPersonal Videos e projector makes for fond memories.

Technology has come light years since that time. In some ways, this fast-paced world has snuffed out slow days and the old hard ways that create the memories people treasure. Contrast the scene above with friends huddled around their iPhone watching a 30-second video clip that is destined to be buried within megabytes of memory.

My passion as a videographer is capturing and preserving those moments that are the most important memories in people's lives. Much of the work that I do at Treasured Memories Video is very personal.  Whether videotaping a wedding or a grandfather's biography, or editing home video footage from years of children growing up. I take this privilege very seriously. Because, in the end, the most important things that you leave behind are those Treasured Memories.

A videographer is a storyteller. Let us tell your story.