Video Biographies


Of all the services I offer as a videographer in New Hampshire, nothing impacts me more than creating Legacy Videos, or Video Biographies. Everybody has a story to tell. As people grow older, they have a desire to share what they’ve learned in life. Through heartaches and victories, through good times and bad, or through little secrets that they’ve never shared, a person’s story can greatly benefit loved ones. Video Biographies are the greatest way to honor a person’s life. They are personal portraits that can offer stories, life lessons, inspiration, wisdom, and comfort to future generations.

Legacy VideosA Video Biography can be created as a stand-alone video, or coincide with a milestone event such as a 50th anniversary or 80th birthday party. Seniors see the world from a perspective that time has forgotten. Video Bios are a fantastic way to bridge the generations.

Besides looking backwards, a Video Biography can be created for the future and given as a gift that will bless the recipient unlike any other. For example, new parents can talk about their hopes and dreams for their child, and then give the video as a gift on some milestone occasion in the child’s life.

Do you have memories or experiences you’d like to share with those you love? Do you have loved ones who are moving up in years and whose stories you would like to capture? Don’t wait until it’s too late! Call us today to schedule a time to share.

A videographer is a storyteller. Let us tell your story.