Video Conversion Services


Do you have home movies recorded on old technology? Treasured Memories Video offers video and film conversion services in New Hampshire.

Video Conversion Services

If you have been shooting home movies and videos for longer than 10 years, you probably have a collection of videotapes and/or film storing those precious memories. If you no longer have working equipment to play them, then they are just taking up shelf space and those memories are gone.

Video conversions are an affordable way to preserve those memories for future generations. At Treasured Memories Video, we have the equipment for converting 16mm or 8mm film, Super 8 tape, VHS, miniDV tape and other formats to DVD or other digital formats. We can also convert audio to CD or mp3 files. We can even upload those home movies that are sitting in a dusty box in your basement to YouTube for all your friends and family to enjoy.


8mm, Super 8, or 16mm Film … $0.19 per foot (about $3.17 per minute)
(Average 3 minute reel = 50 feet)
(1000 feet = about 1 hour)
Up to 2 hours of film will be placed on each DVD.

VHS … $20 per DVD
Unless otherwise specified, each tape of 2 hours or less will be transferred to its own DVD. Tapes containing more than 2 hours will be transferred to as many DVDs as necessary, not to exceed 2 hours per DVD.

8mm or Hi 8 Analog Video Tape … $20 per DVD
Unless otherwise specified, each tape will be transferred to its own DVD.

MiniDV Digital Tape … $20 per DVD
Unless otherwise specified, each tape will be transferred to its own DVD.

All of the above prices apply to transfer from tape or film to DVD. Price does not include any editing or added music. DVDs will include chapter marks every five minutes.

Extra Copies … $10 each

Custom Editing … $85 per hour
Including, but not limited to, video editing, background music, custom DVD menus and chapters, custom DVD label and case graphics, still photos, and narration.

Audio Transfers … $20 each side (cassette tape or album)
Songs will be separated into individual files. Audio can be provided on a CD, either as a playable music CD, or as mp3 files.

Upon request, videos can be provided as high resolution mpeg files on a hard drive, rather than on DVD.

Treasured Memories Video will take every precaution to insure the safety of your tapes and/or film. However, we cannot accept responsibility for any damage due to age. Nor can we accept responsibility for the quality of the images or sound on your tapes or film. Thank you for your understanding.

Preserve your precious memories today!