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When you give live presentations, wouldn’t you like the largest audience possible?

Unfortunately, you don’t always have control over the number of people in the room. But there is a way to reach a wider audience. By having your live presentation videotaped, you can share your wisdom, wit, and knowledge with, literally, the world.
Without a video, that amazing talk you just gave is gone forever, and only the people in the room will ever hear it. By having the talk recorded, you’ll be able to reach a much larger audience with your message. And without a video, it’s much more difficult to secure more speaking opportunities. But a well-crafted sample video will give you the tool you need to showcase your skills as a speaker.
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B2B Video Solutions travelled to Boston to capture Dean Glenn Hubbard speaking on the Columbia Business School‘s centennial celebration.

This promotional video showcases Carol Phillips of Health Design doing a live presentation.

This video for the reveal of Building on Hope’s renovation project at the Manchester PAL features several speakers. Building on Hope provides full facility renovations for area non-profits.

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Copyright 2024 – David Waldman

Copyright 2024 – David Waldman